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RRQMA - 2014

Junior Honda

  1. R. Reif2230.00 pts.
  2. D. Harger2091.00 pts.
  3. S. Dearing2084.00 pts.

Senior Honda

  1. S. Reif2135.00 pts.
  2. C. Stelzig2046.00 pts.
  3. S. Salazar2043.00 pts.

Light Mod

  1. S. Dearing2104.00 pts.
  2. M. Ferguson1791.00 pts.
  3. C. Stelzig1538.00 pts.

Light 160

  1. C. Spicola0.00 pts.

Red Rookie 1

  1. W. Koontz0.00 pts.
  2. J. O'Brien0.00 pts.
  3. S. Copeland0.00 pts.



2014 Balloon Classic Results

Oct 05, 2014

Results for the 2014 Balloon Classic mains are now posted. RRQMA would once again like to thank all participants and sponsors!

2014 16th Annual Balloon...

Oct 04, 2014

Roadrunner QMA will be hosting our 16th Annual Balloon Classic Race on October 3rd & 4th, 2014. Please find the downloadable schedule of events and registration form in the downloads...more...

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