What is a Quarter Midget

It’s a Kid’s Racing Sport that involves the entire family!
Quarter Midgets of America is a non-profit organization with over 2,500 family memberships and approximately 4,000 drivers. There are 13 Regions in our organization and 50 Quarter Midget Clubs Nationwide. This sport is definitely the ‘best kept secret’ you'll ever come across.

QMA is a family oriented sport that involves racing in special prepared cars. The cars, rules and safety procedures are designed specifically for kids. They race on oval tracks approximately 1/20 of a mile. A child who is 5 to 16 years of age can race. Safety features include full roll cages, multi-point seat harnesses, full face helmets, and other gear. This sport has fewer injuries than little-league football.

The Quarter Midget Association is constantly reviewing and evaluating safety rules to ensure that quarter midget racing remains a safe competitive sport. The racing environment is about children and family. Not only do kids learn valuable skills and sportsmanship, but they also make new friends. Mom and Dad will make new friends too.

Our local region is Region 12 - which includes Albuquerque, NM - Tucson, AZ - and Phoenix, AZ.
Imagine a child who barely rides a two-wheeler, strapping in and putting the pedal to the metal. Many families in Albuquerque do just that! All year long there is Quarter Midget racing going on somewhere in the United States. Weather it is indoor or outdoor, it’s exciting.
In Quarter Midget Racing, the kids get trained by our Novice trainer right from the beginning. Here they are taught the basics: flags, line-up, driving skills, etc. Safety is the utmost importance because we are dealing with our kids! Helmets up to the standards of the big guys, neck brace, arm restraints, seatbelt harness system, driving gloves and racing suit are the norm and safety is always MANDATORY.

Families can choose to participate on local, regional or national levels. Our local club, RoadRunner Quarter Midget Association, RRQMA, has over thirty families as members. In 1999, the club started with just three families. Our local races are held at Sandia Motorsports Park, Albuquerque, NM. We have twelve local point-series races and are host to two large regional races each season.

The benefits of Quarter Midget Racing are virtually immeasurable. Few other sports permit all members of the family to participate as much. In addition to preparing and maintaining the race car, Mom and Dads help run the races and the clubs.

The kids learn sportsmanship and a genuine respect for the rights of other drivers. It develops coordination, a sense of timing and the ability to plan ahead. Once the green flag has dropped, they are on their own. Kids learn to play hard and also learn that rules must be observed. Rule infractions result in penalties or disqualification.
The program helps the drivers gain self-reliance, confidence and self-esteem while learning respect for themselves and other. It is a life teaching experience! Come enjoy some exciting racing. Admission is always free!

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