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RRQMA - 2014

Junior Honda

  1. R. Reif1798.00 pts.
  2. S. Dearing1701.00 pts.
  3. D. Harger1694.00 pts.

Senior Honda

  1. S. Reif1746.00 pts.
  2. M. Ferguson1702.00 pts.
  3. S. Salazar1672.00 pts.

Light Mod

  1. M. Ferguson1791.00 pts.
  2. S. Dearing1692.00 pts.
  3. C. Stelzig1538.00 pts.

Red Rookie 1

  1. W. Koontz0.00 pts.
  2. J. O'Brien0.00 pts.
  3. S. Copeland0.00 pts.


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